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Family owned and operated since 1939 ACE WIRE SPRING & FORM CO. ( maintains the reputation as the INDUSTRY SPECIALIST in the unique manufacturing of CUSTOM precision springs and wire forms. Employing the finest TEAM of Design Engineers, Experienced Managers and Skilled Craftsmen ACE proudly serves its customers by consistently providing high-end quality products, excellent customer service all at a fair and reasonable cost. Located minutes from Pittsburgh, PA (one of the top 10 cities to live and work) ACE utilizes the most up-to-date technological CNC equipment in the spring and wire form industry today. The majority of our employees have been with our family business for 20 years or more. Together as a family, we work side-by-side providing a quality product along with a level of customer service that results in repeat customers. Join our team!


- 401 (k)
- 401 (k) Matching
- Dental Insurance
- Health Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Vision Insurance
- Paid Time Off


- 8-Hour Shift
- Day Shift
- Monday To Friday

How to Get Started

For positions listed below, If you believe you are the qualified candidate who can meet our high expectations, become a Family Team Player and help take our company to the next level, please submit a letter of interest and resume either by using the online form belo or emailing: or call 412-458-4827.
Please reference the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Current Openings:

Coiler - CNC - Set Up & Operate

Diversified work. Set up and operate automatic spring coiling machines on a wide variety of shapes, including taper, bell, conical, square or round wire springs varying in size and materials. Includes CNC machines with 3, 4 and 5 axis. Plan sequence of operations. Select speeds, feeds and tooling. Grind cans if applicable, and tools. Make necessary allowances after heat-treating. Inspect and check first piece. Considerable judgment required to make necessary allowances for heat treating, planning set up.

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CNC Automatic Coiler Trainee

Works under the supervision of an experienced coiler. Able to set up and operate a basic range of compression, extension and torsion springs. Capable of reading blueprints and filling out SPC reports. Generally has less than three years of experience.

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Fourslide - Set Up & Operate

Diversified work. Set up and operate fourslide forming machine on a wide variety of flat and wire forms varying in size and materials. Setups exacting and occasionally difficult. Select speeds, feeds and tooling. Sharpen tools. Considerable judgment required in planning work, setting up and sharpening tools.

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Grinder - Set Up & Operate

Somewhat diversified work. Set up and operate all grinding machines. Hand grind as required. Set ups exacting but not usually difficult. Select wheels, methods and tooling. Dress and change wheels. Direct helper. Judgment required in laying out work, setting up, checking and inspecting work and selecting tooling to meet varying conditions.

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Secondary Forming, Including Kick Press & Benchwork - Set Up & Operate

Somewhat diversified work. Set up and operate kick presses, bench machines and power driven equipment for a variety of operations. Select methods and available tooling within a limited range. Make adjustments to maintain quality, check work and assist operators with minor difficulties or advise setup man of operating trouble. Judgment required to set up, adjust, select methods and available tooling and maintain quality.

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Tool Maker

Plan or construct highly intricate tools, fixtures, gauges, where accurate relationship, fitting interchangeability of parts requires maintenance of extremely close tolerances or fits. Outstanding ingenuity to construct tools where no design is available. Select allowances, perform difficult development work, make tool tryouts, diagnose and correct trouble.

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Tool Designer

Designs dies, tools, jigs, fixtures, ·gauges and machine attachments for manufacture of parts. May design new items or alter and improve present ones. Requires knowledge of manufacturing processes and methods, fool design, drafting and mathematics.

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Inspector - Class A & B

(CLASS - A) 

Plan production inspection procedures; devise unusual measuring or gauging setups. Apply broad knowledge of how springs are made and what causes variations in springs and related products through the various processes. Set and maintain quality control charts for all parts. Determine reasons for defects and disposition of rejects. Perform other inspections duties as required.


Diversified first piece sampling, floor or bench inspection of product. Understand and operate all inspection equipment. Use and understand the basic principles of quality control and the principal charts used in process inspection.  

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Plan and layout details of general maintenance work involving moving and installing plant equipment and auxiliaries, and constructing or repairing ordinary metal or wood structures, containers, shelving, cabinets, furniture, benches, flooring, ducts, guards, etc. Prepare foundations, determine necessary rigging and alignment of equipment and disassemble machines and plant appurtenances. Miscellaneous painting, brick laying, glazing and tiling as required. Considerable judgment required to plan procedures, move and install equipment and make necessary repairs in plant.

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Receiving / Shipping Clerk

Follow detailed instructions. Some judgment required in counting, weighing and checking materials and supplies as received from vendors. Make report or shortages, damaged or defective material. Responsible for movement of material to next station. Count and weigh springs and products. Compute quantities. Prepare products for shipping. Make out packing tags. Assist in departmental work as required. Judgment required in accurately counting and weighing, avoiding errors.

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Unskilled Operators

Repetitive work. Set-up made by others. Performs bench or power-driven equipment operations as: testing, checking, turning, forming, packing, tying, looping, gauging, tapping, heat-setting, drilling, magna- flexing, pressing, simple finishing operations, assembling, packing for shipments, etc. Some judgment required to make minor adjustments, dress wheels, notify supervisor or set-up person of difficulties and maintain quality standards.

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Supervises work shifts or departments. Plans and schedules personnel, equipment and materials to meet defined quality, delivery and cost standards. Assign employees to jobs, instructs them in performance of work and familiarizes them with company rules and regulations. Maintains discipline and recommends transfer or discharge of employees.

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Accounting Manager

Supervises the maintenance of the general accounting records and operation of the accounting systems. Establishes internal control procedures and projects accounting data. Supervises the preparation of periodic tax returns. Coordinates accounting functions with data processing. Assures standard accounting procedures are adhered to.

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Customer Service / Administrative

Responsible for direct customer contact in all areas relating to inquiries, orders, order entry, pricing, scheduling, delivery dates, packing, traffic and disposing of customer complaints and questions. Keeps up-to-date customer records including invoice copies, credit information and customer profiles.

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